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Suryabinayak Municipality

Suryabinayak Municipality (Nepali: सुर्यविनायक नगरपालिका) is a municipality in Nepal that was created in December 2014 through the merger of the Village development committees of Kautunje (the municipality's centre), Sipadol, Nankhel and Chitpol. The municipality's name stems from the local Suryavinayak Temple. In March 2017, under new local level restructuring, Suryabinayak Municipality was expanded to include the neighboring municipality of Anantalingeshwor, adding four more previous VDCs of Sirutar, Gundu, Dadhikot and Balkot. According to the 2011 Nepal census, the predecessors of Suryabinayak Municipality had a population of 78,490.